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Ormus and Lye

 Source of Food Grady Lye

Lye can damage the eyes by rendering the cornea opaque, a form of eye damage that is irreparable. Lye can burn skin, clothes and eyes. Work near a sink, faucet, or other source of wash water. You might keep a spray bottle of distilled white vinegar handy to use against spills.

If you spill lye on your clothes or body, immediately wash it off with lots of water. When working with lye, avoid touching your face or rubbing your eyes. Do not handle lye around food. Use adequate ventilation such as a range hood. Do not dump waste water on the ground. Lye is generally safe to put down the drain, but don't mix it with any acid that may be in the drain as it can react explosively.

When working with lye, please wear goggles or a full-face visor (an industrial face protector), neoprene gloves, and a PVC lab apron. 

Keep children and pets away from the work area, and do not leave it unattended if children or pets are around.

Glass can shatter with hot liquids. Pour boiling liquid from your heating container into a stainless steel mixing bowl to cool before pouring the liquid into a glass container.

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