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Ormus Minerals m-state ORMES

  • Ormus Mineral Gold
    Gold Orme Should have the miesner field fully charged & be imprinted with desirable information before consuming if all the benefits possible are desired. Gold is stable as a di-atom cluster and in single atoms. In clusters above 2 atoms in size, gold seeks to recombine with other gold atoms.
  • Ormus Mineral Silver
    As such silver ORME is the ultimate anti-viral and anti-bacterial substance. Because it is totally non-toxic to the human body and puts off 7 times the Vibrational power of a silver ion suspended in water.
  • Ormus Mineral Iridium
    Increases longevity by it's role in relation to DNA and cells - will boost the human immune system 10 to 15 times normal in cases where the person has been deficient in iridium S-ORME - Relates to DNA as it is one of the things DNA is made of.
  • Ormus Mineral Rhodium
    For healing and strengthening the physical and mental body - Affects cellular health by providing one of the components nature intended the body to use in repairing of DNA & the repairing or destruction of damaged cells.
  • Ormus Mineral Ruthenium
    Ruthenium ORME - for increasing the amount of information handling capabilities of DNA - Associated with enabling us to use more of our brains capabilities.
  • Ormus Mineral Platinum
    Platinum is stable as a 5 atom cluster, anything smaller may break down to ionic or ORME state in the body normally in less than one month within the body.
  • Ormus Mineral Osmium
    Osmium ORME may increase a persons life span significantly.
  • Ormus Mineral Palladium
    Palladium ORME - Should be charged & imprinted before consuming if all possible benefits are desired.
  • Ormus Mineral Nickel
    Nickel ORME - Organic Chocolate is very high in this ORME.
  • Ormus Mineral Cobalt
    Cobalt ORME - Consuming organic vitamin B12 is the superior way of consuming Orme cobalt.
  • Ormus Mineral Copper
    Essential in the maintenance of the cell walls of our veins, and proper absorption and metabolism of iron.
  • Ormus Mineral Mercury
    Orme mercury is the hardest to make from metal because it usually changes to gold in the processing
  • Elements of Ormus
    All of these m-state elements are quite abundant in seawater. They also seem to be present in most rock, fresh water and in the air


Ormus Elements  
Cobalt  27
Nickel  28
Copper  29
Ruthenium  44
Rhodium  45
Palladium  46
Silver  47
Osmium  76
Iridium  77
Platinium  78
Gold  79
Mecury  80

C-11 or M-11 is all 11 of the m-state materials generally recovered from sea water.  

For diabetes you might be required to take C 11. It can help in building and recovering the pancreas and helps it to function more efficiently and thus create a better control over the insulin. The other diseases that have hope to be cured are heart diseases, lupus multiple sclerosis, osteoporosis and even HIV.  There are at least 23 different elements found in Ormus. 

Ormus is a combination of many metals like nickel, cobalt, gold, silver, platinum etc. in different constituencies. Ormus is said to be found nested inside the molecules of water. There are about thirty two elements in water, out of the known two of hydrogen and oxygen.  

Hudson also discovered that Ormus may be ten times more abundant in human tissues than all trace minerals (e.g. zinc, copper, iodine, chromium, etc.) combined. The implications of all this, as it pertains to nutrition, become obvious. What if we have been deficient in Ormus minerals? What if we’ve been taking the wrong kind of mineral supplements? Is it possible that we (and our ancestors) have never been filled to the brim with Ormus minerals? And therefore never achieved our full capabilities of personal power?

My process ionizes the minerals in the water, not the water itself. While there is much speculation about mono or diatomic forms of minerals in the water that may have superconducting properties affecting consciousness, the calcium alone is sufficient to cause formation of hexagonal water and calcium uptake in the brain has dramatic effects on consciousness. 

Dr. Jhon's work shows that defective DNA is surrounded by pentagonal water clusters and that pentagonal water clusters are also found in cancerous cells. I suspect that wherever pentagonal water clusters are found, death soon follows. In contrast, hexagonal water molecules surround good DNA and is predominant in newborns. 


One way people can obtain all the colloidal minerals they need is from fresh seawater taken about a teaspoon a day. Health from the Sea and Soil, by Charles B. Ahlson (Exposition Press, NY, 1962), described the remarkable health improvements by people with different ailments gained simply by taking fresh seawater. It is important that the seawater is fresh and unheated, because once heated the minerals lose their colloidal status necessary for the body to properly utilize them. 

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