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Ormus Minerals Questions

  • What Are Ormus Minerals?
    Ormus, more easily understood as essential minerals abundantly found in seawater and previously unknown to modern scientist.Researcher, David Hudson, rediscovered these essential elements by accident. After extensive testing and observation, these minerals showed fantastic and mystical behaviors detectable in not only plants, but also the human body and the mind.
  • Where Do Ormus Minerals Come From?
    Experiments show that Ormus is most abundant in the sea.Not so strange when you consider that sea water covers 70% of the earth's surface.
  • What to Expect While Taking Ormus Minerals?
    Lots of people are talking about more energy, Better health and results that they have taken for normal for years changing to be better.
  • What Are Some Natural Sources For Ormus Minerals?
    Most people, generally, are going to get some Ormus minerals by eating the right kind of foods that contain Ormus-rich minerals. Different foods contain it more than others. Aloe Vera, Noni fruit,and Goji berry contain high amounts of Ormus-rich minerals as compared to other foods.
  • Are Ormus Minerals Natural or Organic?
    Our ORMUS Minerals Ocean Energy is made from the purest essence of the Pacific Ocean gathered off the pristine shores of the Western United States.
  • How Much Ormus Minerals Do I Take?
    Daily dosing should start at 1 teaspoon to 1 tablespoon daily taken with a glass of water or juice and can increase from there as your intuition and health status dictates.
  • How Do Ormus Minerals and Nature Inter-relate?
    These distinct substances also seem to be intimately woven into the fabric of living things. They appear to be associated with what causes everything to “live.”
  • What Do Ormus Mineral Materials Reveal?
    Ormus Minerals and Foods Natural Sources of ORMUS Materials MATERIALS CONTAINING MONATOMIC RHODIUM AND IRIDIUM
  • What Are Ormus Minerals Benefits?
    Ormus Minerals for Natural Nutritional Energy and how it can bless your life and health. What is Ormus? Cells Deeply Nourished , Cells Hydrated, Cell Rejuvenation, Promotion of Cellular, Regeneration, Promotion of Cellular Communication, Healthy DNA & RNA Support, Repaired tissues, Relief from muscle, Relief from joint pain, Reduced fatigue, Increased energy, Anti-aging support, Longevity, Enhanced Immune System Function, Essential minerals, vitamins, & amino acids replenished, Increased Electrolytes
  • How Do I Store Ormus Minerals?
    Please protect the ORMUS from electromagnetic fields microwaves, fluorescent lights, electric motors, refigrators, freezers etc so as to maintain its integrity.
  • How Do You Ship Ormus Minerals?
    We currently ship all of our products wrapped in aluminum foil with two other layers underneith it with paper and plastic to protect it as much as possible in transit.
  • What Are Good Containers for Ormus?
    Most people use HDPE containers but the blue glass bottle is the preferred storage colour. If you transfer it to another container blue is preferred but dark will do better than clear.
  • Where Can I Find Ormus?
  • Guidelines in using Ormus Minerals


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