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All plants and animals appear to require these ORME elements therefore to live. "The Importance Of These ORME Materials To Health" How does the Human Body Work? Our body, with all of its many parts and puzzles is made up of cells. We all began as a single cell; and according to sources we have 100 trillion cells average in a fully developed adult body. Shortages in certain ORME elements will cause the DNA to be unable to replicate and repair it self when damaged. This will obviously lead to health problems and eventually to death from the inability of the body to replace worn out cells and mutations in cells are called cancer. But the problem does not stop there. A small but very key truth disclosed to the people of the world in the movie, "The Matrix" is that the human body produces an enormous amount of electrical energy. The first major health discovery that was revealed in 1962, is that all life processes are electrical. This means that the bodily processes generate electricity. The human body is now accepted as being more electrical than mechanical. The eyes see because of electricity; the brain thinks due to electricity; muscles work because of electricity; the pancreas produces insulin through electricity and so the story continues. It is the room temperature super-conductor aspect of ORME that stores & transmits this electrical energy from place to place in the body. Each and every cell has a sodium-potassium pump that generates the life sustaining energy. Without a means of temporary storage & transport of this electrical energy, the cell would die in a very short time. The roll of ORME in the body is many fold, but even from only mentioning a couple of the roles we can see that if it is lacking, then we have big problems. If there are to few ORME in the body, overcharging may occur when the body tries to store energy.

Over charging orme can severely damage the orme. Scientist have noticed how a healthy cell glows when viewed under a microscope, but most have had no idea what was causing the glow. It's not hard to figure out if a person only was to know when orme is charged, it glows. Each of the MiraculeWater processors comes equipped with a stage specifically designed to charge the miesner field of the orme that is concentrated by the processor. This charging also affects the energy levels of the person consuming the charged ORME by increasing the overall energy available to the body. It has been documented by scientists that our soils have become depleted in key nutrients many of which are the ORME elements.

Mechanical processing of most foods is done with equipment that produces magnetic fields strong enough to drive the orme away if is in the super conducting form Therefore the food we eat often contains little or no life critical ORME to sustain our bodies. Other scientist have disclosed how certain modern day practices like cooking in microwave ovens revert orme back to it's metallic state.

It's no wonder that sickness is becoming more popular, and optimum health a rarity. Extensive biological testing has documented that most disease not only can but has been traced to malnutrition of the diseased person. The new generation of scientists are currently proving that disease is not caused by germs as we have been taught, but that germs are allowed to grow and multiply in a person who is lacking in key nutrients and or unable to maintain proper energy flow throughout the body. Scientist have documented how the immune system of a human can be strengthened or boosted to levels 10 -15 times what it usually is by just consuming a very small amount of these orme elements of life.

This elevated state of the immune system is but only a small part of the body working as it was designed to work. Brain and nerve tissue is made up of a surprising amount of ORME rhodium and iridium (5%+ of its dry [mineral] weight). Evidence suggests that Iridium ORME is the preferred super conducting component for our nerve cells. In other words, orme iridium is what enables our nerve cells to transmit information.

Most the monatomic elements except gold react with nitric oxide [NO which is present in air], so with each breath you take, you de-spin [convert to non ORME] some of them in your body (which correlates with the eastern view that breath is linked to life span). David Hudson was quoted as saying "You might quit needing to eat if you take these elements and as such eliminate sources of de spinning substances such as carbon oxide from food, but you'll never quit breathing so you'll always lose some elements with every breath". Short wave UV light will de-spin most of the ORME platinum group elements. 'NO' called nitric oxide will de-spin most of the ORME elements. "The Doctor of the future will give no medicine. Instead he will interest or teach his patient in the care of the human frame, diet and in the cause and prevention of disease." - Thomas Edison


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